There’s a beautiful landscape, just a little further on from the refuge on the slope opposite the chairlift. This is where the asphalt ends, far from everything, where the air is thin and the light is pure.
Planning a bike ride near your home is as difficult as finding an unknown corner of your bedroom and thinking about four days riding with companions means distilling the best routes you know. Reading maps, turning each yellow, white or dashed with lines into a route for friends. And this was the result.
Mountains, stones upon stones, rounded square pyramidal stones that shoot away and stones that slow your the pace. Stones to avoid and stones that you cannot avoid, bikes that are broken, wrecked from the harsh conditions. Pitching tents, sunsets, bonfires, laughter, hot soups, wine and frigid temperatures.
Then the fear of remoteness and the silence. The bitterness of the cold and the immense starry skies. Seeing oneself transformed in such a short time, as if a different person, listening to the essence of living. Seeing your companions similarly transform, in different ways and at different times.
Every day something happens, always different or perhaps always the same, a new peak, a new vista, a new glimpse of something spectacular.
We encountered a raw beauty in its essence.
Simone Bracco