In the 1950s and ’60s, the Belletti workshop had an exceptional reputation. Engineers and large companies would often turn to them for the design and construction of unique prototypes, especially when it was a job that required the kind of experience and attention to detail that only master craftsmen like Antenore and Stelio Belletti could provide.

Although every frame that Stelbel made was custom-built and personalised, for some clients this still wasn’t enough. So it wasn’t uncommon for Stelio and his team to work on specially commissioned bikes.

Today, “Officina Stelio Belletti” is dedicated to those unique projects. Designers, technicians and craftsmen work together with our most discerning customers to create fully custom made frames that suit the highest technical and aesthetic needs.

For customers looking for an exclusive, tailor-made product, “Officina Stelio Belletti” provides the necessary support and expertise to build the perfect frame. Starting with the choice of the alloys and shapes used in the tubing, right to the final details of paint and finish, the customer will be able to customise every aspect of the process to make their dream bike a reality.

You can send us details of your own idea via email at the address [email protected]

Please note that each submitted proposal must be evaluated prior to its approval because it is important to us that every custom project we undertake adheres to the core principles of the Stelbel tradition.