SB03 Evoluzione


The latest SB/03 Evoluzione introduces important innovations on a technical level and beyond. In the spirit of the Stelbel tradition, with this project we continue the process of technical innovation and adoption of new solutions on our range of handcrafted frames. This is a vocation that has accompanied the brand since its inception. The Stelbel SB/03 Evoluzione is the most innovative steel frame in our range, the first to introduce a new system for fully integrated cabling, improving aesthetics and aerodynamics.

In 2014, with the creation of the SB/00 prototype (Stelio Belletti model version 00), the adventure of the Stelbel brand began again. After an absence of more than 20 years from the market, we knew that it would take a great deal of effort and significant investment to present ourselves to the public with a truly innovative product.
The frame not only had to look beautiful but also have an outstanding ride quality as steel, up until this point, had not been considered for its pure performance. After versions 01 and 02 made for testing purposes only, we arrived at the final 03 version.

The SB/03 was created through long and careful experimentation. By adopting new solutions, using the results obtained from the previous versions, and also taking advantage of the our experience accumulated over 30 years. Our ambition is to make the people rediscover the fine qualities of steel, enhancing its mechanical characteristics to the extreme, achieving a high level of performance through the use of new alloys, with the aim of creating a true and pure steel racing frame.

When it was presented in March 2015, the SB/03 model was recognised by press and public as the steel frame of reference, thanks to its unquestionable performance and technical characteristics. Today, thanks to this latest version, we raise the bar even higher, presenting important innovations for handcrafted frames.







Integration of cables



With an eye on new trends and market demands, we set out to find a system that could be integrated into our frames, providing a cleaner cockpit and removing all cables from view.

For us, the objective was mainly aesthetic, so we weren’t prepared to make any compromises that would require changes to the design of the frame or the adoption of larger diameter head tubes. Nor would we have opted for a bulky stem or integrated handlebars, which do not fit in well with the design of our frames. We wanted to avoid adapters, oddly shaped shims and plastic components necessary for concealing the cables. Our research led us to the conclusion that, at the moment, no system consistent with our guidelines is available on the market. The system we have imagined, designed and built is based, as with our frames, on the concept of ‘made to measure’. Each frame is matched with a fork that will be custom modified.

The hydraulic brake cables and, if present, the wires for an electronic groupset, are routed inside the fork steerer, which is cut, reinforced and drilled in specific points to ensure safety, ease of installation and, of course, the total absence of visible cables.

This system has the great advantage of having clean aesthetics, with the possibility of using a standard 1″⅛” fork and combining any hollow stem available on the market along with a handlebar compatible for internal cable routing, such as the Deda Elementi Superzero DCR. The cables, therefore, from the levers enter the inside of the handlebar and exit only near the brake calipers. We were careful to ensure that there was no resistance when rotating the handlebars and that the system was easy to install. So that, even in the case of maintenance, removal and replacement could be carried out without wasting time.





The new C22 Integrale rear dropout



With this version we introduce another important innovation, which further improves the alignment of the rear caliper with the hub and rotor. This is the adoption of a new left rear dropout, which integrates the brake caliper attachment and the dropout in a single block of stainless steel, also increasing the rigidity where it is most needed. With this solution we were able to measure an improved response during acceleration and also when counteracting braking torque. This is a component that is custom designed and made entirely by Stelbel, of which we are particularly proud because of the excellent results.





Updated graphics and other small improvements



In addition, the new SB/03 model will have a number of smaller but important improvements, such as the stiffening of the T47 bottom bracket shell. During production, this will be machined in a special way, taking particular care not to leave sharp edges and burrs that could damage the brake hose. This same machining process is applied to the head tube. The seats for the headset bearings have a new design and are now even lighter.

The graphics are updated with a logo specific for the Evoluzione series, present on the main down tube logos and the rear stays.

The SB/03 Evoluzione model is – like the rest of the Stelbel range – made to measure and to order, welded using our special TIG technique with a series of top of the range steel tubes, made specifically for this model by Columbus.

This latest version of the SB/03 is only available for a combination of disc brakes and EPS, Di2 or AXS electronic groupsets, partly because it was created with the desire to integrate the latest market innovations and trends on a handcrafted steel frame.





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