The Stelbel Integrale x Rapha model is the result of a collaboration between Rapha and Stelbel. This particular model is a limited edition version of the limited edition Integrale model.

The Integrale model marks the birth of the Stelbel brand. In 1975, the visionary Stelio Belletti deposited patent #166907 for a steel bicycle frame built using TIG welding techniques, free of the use of lugs. Belletti’s foresight made him a pioneer within the cycling industry, developing a welding technique that was only accepted and assimilated by framebuilders starting in the 90s.

The Stelbel brand, relaunched in March 2015, celebrates the 40th anniversary of the 1975 Stelbel patent with a limited edition production of the Integrale model. This particular model is only available to order in 2015, after which production will stop.

L’Eroica Vintage Retreat is a unique opportunity to ride the rolling Tuscan hills together with thousands of other classic cycling fans, to suffer and rejoice together immersed in one of the most beautiful and well-loved landscapes in the world.

The idea behind this retreat is to create a perfect, unforgettable experience that only an event like L’Eroica can provide, but with the perks of a full luxury cycling experience: accommodation in a dream location, Il Borgo Di Vèscine, a Jaguar support vehicle, on-road nutrition and hydration, a daily massage and bicycle maintenance.

In addition, riders signed up with the L’Eroica Vintage Retreat have the opportunity to purchase a Stelbel Integrale x Rapha complete bicycle, a limited edition version of the brand’s historical model. The complete bicycle is equipped with a custom pantographed classic Campagnolo groupset, high-end original eroica components, a leather covered handlebar and saddle with custom embroidery developed especially for this project by Almarc, a historically notable brand that has equipped the best Italian high-end bikes since 1975.

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Stelbel Integrale x Rapha

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