Today we hear a lot about aerodynamics but this isn’t just a modern day trend.
In the late 1970s the Belletti workshop was experimenting with special diameter tubing and shapes, often oval, definable for the time as “aerodynamic”. Then in the 1980s a veritable wave of more or less effective solutions arrived to reduce the air resistance that a bicycle had to penetrate. Most of the racing and time trial frames built during this period feature spoilers, ovalized tubing and aero components. This is the time of the first Cinelli Laser, Rossin Futura, Colnago Oval CX and the list goes on.
During this time, there was also experiments from the Belleti workshop, now identifiable by the “Dynamic” model name and this project marked the highest level of craftmanship and attention to detail as yet attained by Stelbel.
With the same spirit and ambitions, thanks to a particular request from one of our loyal customers, we have studied a new line, a new series of tubes and new solutions to give life to a new Dynamic project.
This model will not become part of the range yet, for the moment it will be available only through the OSB program (link). With this experimentation and new solutions, we are certain this will be very useful in the continuous evolution of existing models and of those to come.
The ambition is always that. Try, make mistakes, do better, do it again and again.