Located between Barbaresco and Castiglione delle Lanze in the Western Langhe, Neive is recognized as one of the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy. Once you visit this region you immediately understand why, even more so if you decide to visit in the autumn with the intention of spending two days of riding with friends.

A Weekend in Langhe

The harvest has just ended, and it’s now truffle season, the climate is still mild even though the morning is damp and foggy, but on these winding Langhe hills it doesn’t take long to warm up.

Stelbel SB:03

The Autumnal colors really leave you speechless.


The roads are numerous and unobtrusive, and a labyrinth of dirt paths run between vineyards and hazelnut trees, making it ideal territory for the Stelbel SB/03 and the Nina.


The road continually rises and falls all day long, there are few people on the road but many dogs are ready to chase us on our way. It’s a special place to visit.

Stelbel Rodano Blue