We don’t believe that our frames can be replicated or counterfeited by other producers, and we don’t need to check the serial code of your frame to know that it is original.

If you are a Stelbel customer, your guarantee is activated when you confirm your order, whether you purchased directly from us at or through one of our official Stelbel dealers.

We guarantee that all work has been done in a careful and consistent manner to promise the highest quality and make sure that your frame is the best it can possibly be.

The general warranty on our products is 5 years, and on the quality and integrity of steel and stainless steel frame welds, we offer a lifetime guarantee. These guarantee terms are applicable only to the original owner of the frame.

Each Stelbel frame will be accompanied with an official document to certify the originality and will summarise the unique product’s specific details.

In the unfortunate event of theft or an accident that requires the replacement of the frame, we offer attractive conditions on the purchase of replacement frames to all Stelbel customers.

Providing the best after-sales service possible is our top priority. Please contact us at[email protected] with any questions that you may have relating to our guarantee.