A flexible platform that caters to a wide range of off-road needs. Stelbel Nina can be designed and built to accommodate even the most specific requirements. Certainly Gravel, but not limited to it. Adaptations include options for tires up to 700x58c or perhaps in the opposite direction, to create a fast All-Road bicycle for long-distance travel.

SB/04 Disc

Our flagship racing frame evolves into its fourth generation. Stelbel SB/04 represents the perfect blend of Italian artisanal tradition embracing new technologies. Through the adoption of 3D printing, we have created a more high-performing frame that remains faithful to the brand’s historical design principles, ensuring an unparalleled riding experience.

Nina XCr

The Nina XCr is the Stelbel interpretation of the fast Gravel bike designed for all riders who want to pair performance and off-road capabilities. With a tire clearance of up to 700 x 42c, a fully custom geometry and a wide variety of custom options such as additional mounts and threads the Nina XCr is ready to go fast – on and off-road.

Ti9 Disc

All our experience and values ​​refined into an ambitious project. The first steps towards the realization of a Stelbel titanium frame took shape at the end of the 80s but only today was it possible to find the resources to bring it to fruition. High Italian craftsmanship combined with a precious material that requires skills and specialist knowledge for production.

Antenore Disc

The Antenore is a tribute to Antenore Belletti, Stelio’s father, as well as the rich history. Stelbel has built stainless steel frames, and was chosen to pay tribute to the best teacher that Stelio could have hoped for. He was…

Rodano Disc

We believe that steel is still the best material when it comes to making truly special, tailored frames. The Rodano is an expression of that belief. It’s a road model designed to combine performance and comfort with a modern approach.…