The genesis of this model began in the early 1980s, thanks to some experimenting by Stelio Belletti. At the time, no frame maker had ever attempted to make a frame with a material so difficult to machine and weld as…


All our experience and values ​​refined into an ambitious project. The first steps towards the realization of a Stelbel titanium frame took shape at the end of the 80s but only today was it possible to find the resources to bring it to fruition. High Italian craftsmanship combined with a precious material that requires skills and specialist knowledge for production.


The Stelbel Antenore is constructed with Columbus XCr stainless steel alloy tubing, and is the most exclusive frame in the Stelbel line. Designed to provide maximum comfort and increased rigidity, it is intended for intensive and professional use. The name is a tribute Stelio’s father, Antenore Belletti.


The Rodano is the result of a long development process. This frame is expertly designed and constructed with high-performance Columbus steel tubing and welded using Stelbel’s favoured TIG method. The Rodano is a fully customizable performance road frame built for those who love long rides and spending hours in the saddle.


The result of a long process focused on combining the best of Italian craftsmanship with the latest engineering research, this special “Stelio Belletti” model is now in its third and most advanced version, so we’ve named it simply the SB/03. Imagined, designed, engineered and built to compete at the highest level.