La Via del Sale [The Salt Road] is an old trade route that runs through the Maritime Alps, which used to be used to transport that precious mineral from the Ligurian sea to the Po’ valley. A gravel track, which now sees much fewer travellers, that meanders its way between the French and Italian border was the perfect route for three friend looking for adventure.


The trip is immortalised by Simone’s friend and professional photographer, Paolo Ciaberta.

Simone’s Stelbel Nina was designed to be the ultimate travel bike; fast and performant, and like all Stelbel frames was custom made to measure, something that was particularly important for Simone, as he is tall with a very long torso and arms.

ciaberta_stelbel_nina_04The frame was built with rocking dropouts for thru-axle, mounted with a Shimano Ultegra gruppo, a DT Swiss wheelset, Fizik accessories, and painted a rich Campari Red.ciaberta_stelbel_nina_01ciaberta_stelbel_nina_03 ciaberta_stelbel_nina_06 ciaberta_stelbel_nina_07 ciaberta_stelbel_nina_08 ciaberta_stelbel_nina_09