Right from the beginning, the focus of Stelbel has been on producing personalized frames. The chrome finish on this SB/03 is a tribute to a time when the chrome plating of steel frames was very widespread and also a necessary feature for the protection of the frame itself.

Stelbel Fully Chromed SB:03 Frame

To achieve the best possible finish, we worked with highly experienced polishers with whom we have worked with for the chrome plating on our classic models and restoration projects. The SB/03 uses special double and triple-butted Columbus main tubes combined with some stainless steel accessories such as the dropouts and seat clamp. For this reason, a special chroming technique had to be applied which could work with both stainless and non-stainless metals. This method guaranteed a superior finish along with a strong visual impact.

Stelbel Fully Chromed SB:03 Campagnolo

This finish is available on request for the SB/03 and our other models. Please write to us with more details on this finish.